Installing and Uninstalling

Learn how to install and Unintall Mellel
Installing and Uninstalling Mellel

Need to install or uninstall Mellel? That’s easy to do.

To install Mellel:

  • Download Mellel
  • Double-click the disk image named mellel_versionnumber.dmg that was created on your disk (it’s probably inside your downloads folder or on your desktop
  • Double-click the disk image to open it.
  • The disk image will open and display Mellel’s application icon and an alias of the Applications folder – Drag and drop Mellel’s application icon over the Applications folder alias.
  • Mellel will now be copied into your Applications folder. If you already have Mellel installed there, the Finder will notify you and will let you choose whether to Replace or Keep the old copy you have.

To Uninstall Mellel:

  • Locate Mellel in your Applications folder and drag it to the trash
  • Hmm… Yes, no second step.
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