Write With Power

Write With Power

There are two types of writers: people who say they want to, and people who actually do it.

Mellel is for the serious writer. It’s a powerful, agile word processor that gives you reliability and control like no other. Be it thesis or research, novel or newsletter, Mellel lets you focus on what’s truly important: your content.

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A Word Processor You Can Trust

Mellel gets the job done. It’s considered the leading word processor for complex documents. It’s stable. It’s trustworthy under real work pressure. Once you get it, you'll wonder why you wrote with anything else.
Mellel Outline

An Outline and an Outliner

Mellel's superb Outline feature allows you to organize your work. View, edit, and navigate your document. Reorganize sections with a click of your mouse.
Find and Replace - word processor for mac

Find. Replace. Repeat.

Mellel’s advanced find and replace tool turns hours of editing into minutes. Everything in any sequence can be searched, found, switched, and fixed. Save your find actions. Use them again and again to transform all your documents in seconds.
Multilingual Support

The Best Multi-language Support

Mellel was created to support multiple languages and script systems within the same document. It was the first and still is the best word processor for right-to-left writing systems.

The Best Index Tool

Create your index in half the time. Mellel’s Index feature tops similar tools in other word processors, and rivals dedicated Index applications.

What Mellel Users Say

Besides the fact that all of Mellel's features are really well-thought-out, I particularly treasure its stability. This application is rock solid; data loss or corrupted files are unknown to Mellel users.
Simon | Film scholar and journalist - Zürich, Switzerland
I'm an academic, thus a professional writer. Mellel is by far the best word processing program I've ever used. I've been writing with it for 4 years
Terri | PhD, Environment Studies - University of Florida
I write books in different languages, about different cultures. I like Mellel because it allows me to move between languages in a very easy way.
Tuvia Tenenbom | Der Spiegel Best-selling Author
Of course research takes time, but Mellel makes it much easier, more enjoyable. At the end of the day, it saves a ton of time. I couldn't recommend Mellel enough for writers, researchers interested in getting a crisp final product.
Neil | PhD, History - University of Cambridge
Unlike other word processors, I know I can focus on writing while Mellel keeps the references, formatting, cross-references, titles etc. the way I want them to be.
David-Emil | Professor of Popular Music History - Popakademie Baden-Württemberg
Combined with Bookends, the citation manager, it's a real workhorse of a tool. If you're a Mac user, don't hesitate to switch, and I'll even share my style-set with you!
Peter | PhD, New Testament Studies - University of Cambridge
I'm an academic. I write for a living. I finished my PhD dissertation with Mellel. Mellel's style system kept me from losing my mind.
Kevin | PhD, Cognitive Psychology - Texas A&M University
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